Wild Goat Gang

The Wild Goat Gang is a collection of 6969 NFT's with hundreds of elements for fans who appreciate those who've achieved GOAT-status.

Each artwork is original and completely hand drawn with its own color palette.







Lil Goat Gang

Enter the world of the Lil Goat Gang. LGG is a fun degen world where pastel colored magic reigns supreme. Consisting of both male and female goats, you can only imagine what's to come.

Come on over and play :)
minted out

Cyber Goats - Q4 2022

Cyber Goats is an upcoming collection consisting of cybernetically altered goats with 4 unique factions. With over over 150+ unique attributes and skins, the goats have been reconstructed to survive numerous environments as well as having spectacular combat prowess.

Road Map


Black Goat Sanctuary

We have donated $45,000 to help rescued, injured and neglected animals and will continue with Opensea Royalties.

Please join their Patreon site at @totes.the.goat and help them build their new Barn.


HAYY Token Utility

$HAYY staking is available now!

The utility token can be redeemed for whitelist spots in other projects and entries into auctions for top tier NFT's. You can also redeem your $HAYY for WGG Merch coupons!

WildGoatGang.shop for Merch is now live.


Lil Goat Gang

Lil Goat Gang NFT are 4 primary cute, colourful and fun Goats  are sure to make your wallet happy.

WGG $HAYY holders received these NFT airdrops in June 2022 and the rest of the collection minted out.


Cyber Goat Gang

Zero cost mint for long-term WGG holders allows you to enter into the Cyber Goat hyper-futuristic neon cityscapes and dystopian future.


Metaverse Integration

Sandbox development is underway to allow spaces forWild Goat Gang virtual events and development of characters to interact with the spaces.

Who are we?

Created by a strong team of digital artists, the Wild Goat Gang is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, artists, blockchain experts, and senior marketing specialists.






Social Media


Creative Director


Blockchain & Finance


Digital Artist


Valdays is an artist & creative film maker based out of Toronto who specializes in anything visual.

With 10+ years in the creative industry, he has worked with multiple brands and high profile personalities to find their voice and share their story. 

Wild Goat Gang is his first collection of many that he will be creating to continue his legacy in the NFT space.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Wild Goat Gang NFT?


Wild Goats are available on OpenSea. Click here.

When is the official launch?


Wild Goat Gang mint was on 14th January 7:30pm EST and is now complete and fully minted.

How much to mint a Wild Goat Gang NFT?


0.08 ETH + gas fees.

Will there be a presale?


There was a whitelist and we will update on whitelists for next drops here in the near future.

What do I get when I purchase a Wild Goat Gang NFT?


- Holders who stake and hold $HAYY by May 31st receive a free Doodle Goats airdrop.
- Holders of 2 Wild Goats will get a zero cost mint of Cyber Goats.
- WGG Stakers get 10 $HAYY/day that can be redeemed for whitelist spots in upcoming projects and raffle tickets for NFT auctions.