Wild Goat Gang

The Wild Goat Gang is a collection of 6969 NFT's with hundreds of elements for fans who appreciate those who've achieved GOAT-status.

Each artwork is original and completely hand drawn with its own color palette.







Lil Goat Gang

Enter the world of the Lil Goat Gang. LGG is a fun degen world where pastel colored magic reigns supreme. Consisting of both male and female goats, you can only imagine what's to come.

Come on over and play :)
minted out

Cyber Goats - Q1 2024

Cyber Goats is an upcoming collection consisting of cybernetically altered goats with 4 unique factions. With over over 150+ unique attributes and skins, the goats have been reconstructed to survive numerous environments as well as having spectacular combat prowess.

Road Map


Black Goat Sanctuary

We have donated $45,000 to help rescued, injured and neglected animals and will continue with Opensea Royalties.

Please join their Patreon site at @totes.the.goat and help them build their new Barn.


HAYY Token Utility

$HAYY staking is available now!

The utility token can be redeemed for whitelist spots in other projects and entries into auctions for top tier NFT's. You can also redeem your $HAYY for WGG Merch coupons!

WildGoatGang.shop for Merch is now live.


Lil Goat Gang

Lil Goat Gang NFT are 4 primary cute, colourful and fun Goats  are sure to make your wallet happy.

WGG $HAYY holders received these NFT airdrops in June 2022 and the rest of the collection minted out.


Cyber Goat Gang

Zero cost mint for long-term WGG holders allows you to enter into the Cyber Goat hyper-futuristic neon cityscapes and dystopian future.

Who are we?

Created by a strong team of digital artists, the Wild Goat Gang is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, artists, blockchain experts, and senior marketing specialists.






Social Media


Creative Director


Blockchain & Finance


Digital Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Wild Goat Gang NFT?


Wild Goats are available on OpenSea. Click here.

When is the official launch?


Wild Goat Gang mint was on 14th January 7:30pm EST and is now complete and fully minted.

What do I get when I purchase a Wild Goat Gang NFT?


- Holders have received free Lil Goats airdrop.
- Holders of 2 Wild Goats will get a zero cost mint of Cyber Goats.
- WGG Stakers get 10 $HAYY/day that can be redeemed raffle tickets for NFT auctions through 2023.